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How to disable the ACT integration (only needed if you want to Sync with outlook or Google
Posted by Ingo Lange on 27 September 2014 07:17 AM

Depending on the kind of integration you are using, you may want to disable the ACT Integration that will sync ACT contacts & Calender  with Google or Outlook. The email sync will still continue to work.


this is Specialy recomended when using ACT on a Terminal Server or on a Citrx envoirment, 


  1. open the windows explorer, 
  2. go to your program files (x86) folder
  3. then open the ACT folder,
  4. then open the Act for Windows folder
  5. there look for Act!.Integration.exe, rename it to Act!.Integration.exe.old
  6. restart your pc



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