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_PARENTENTITYTYPE_ of a table can be: * Contact * Company * Group * Contact-Company * Contact-Group * Company-Group * Contact-Company-Group This can NOT be changed after the table has been created.
Yes, that are normal ACT! Tables and will be backed up as a part of the normal ACT! backup
For testing Custom Tables and ACT!, please don't use the Demo Database or a copy of it, there are problems and bugs with the Demo Database and Custom Tables. Please create a new Database and use it.
I DONT KNOW WHERE TO FIND MY LOCAL LICENCE KEY AND I AM NOT SURE WHICH IS ALREADY IN USE. If you are not sure, which licence key your addon is currently running on your machine, there is a simple method to find it out. open up the Registry [http://en.wi...
SHOW CUSTOM TABLE FIELD DATA ON CONTACT DETAIL VIEW _In the Custom Table Manager please, find a function called "Summary Up"._ Using this function you can show data of custom table fields on the Contact View. Depending on the field data type you hav...